Welcome to the Letter Love Club! This club is designed to connect people in our little town of Holly Springs, NC and beyond through the power of letter and card writing. Words can change a person’s day, their mood, the thoughts they carry and the love they feel. It is a powerful thing to use your words to lift others up. It truly is a lost art and we are going to do our part to bring that magic back into the world in some small way through this “club”. You don’t actually have to sign up for anything… we are a club in the sense that we are all facing the same direction and doing the same thing with the same intentions.

The goals of Letter Love Club are simple:

  1. Find and connect people in need of support and compassion with the volunteer writers of our letter and card writing club.
  2. As a writer, you write and mail personal letters and/or cards whenever you like to those people in need of some extra love.
  3. Repeat.

Our little club will coordinate through Gifted Boutique and Wrappery in Holly Springs. You can stop by the shop to submit or gather letter requests via the Letter Love Club bulletin board. We also have a writer’s desk filled with pretty paper, pens, markers, stickers… all those fun goodies to make a letter truly special should you choose to sit and write your card or letter there. We have lots of beautiful cards for purchase at Gifted as well! Letters and cards do not need to be long or elaborate. Simple words of encouragement and kindness go a long way, so don’t feel like you need to commit to a lengthy assignment.

The bulletin board at Gifted Boutique contains the current letter requests and will also have forms available to submit letter requests for anyone you think may be helped by this service. You can also submit a letter request through this site using the “Letter Request” tab in the main menu. A friend undergoing treatment, a senior citizen dealing with loneliness, a relative far from home, a soldier fighting for freedom, a loved one celebrating a milestone. Letter/card requests can be made for anyone you think could use the encouragement and compassion a pretty piece of snail mail can provide. Stop by Gifted Boutique to check out the Letter Love Club Board to find current letter requests or submit one yourself.

Let’s spread some love!